Air Compressor With Tyre Pressure Gauge SPT160

• Rapid inflating. 4-5 minutes to infate a normal car tire 
• Quickly infates any auto, motorcycle, vehicle and bicycle tires 
• Convenient and easy to use with a handy built-in storage space for 12V power cord and air hose 
• Automatically shut off safety feature to make sure you never over-inflate 
• Built-in LED light and red sharp-flash emergency light 
• A bonus Sparco Mr. Pilot tire gauge included! 

Technical Specifications: 
• 9 pcs LED lights 
• Voltage: DC 12V 
• 1x 30mm metal cylinder 
• Max power:100psi 
• Electricity: 10A 
• Inflatable air: 30L 
• Digital tire gauge 
• Length of the cable: 3m 
• Length of hose: 70 cm 
• Accessories: 3x nozzles adaptors for inflating bikes, tires, balls, etc. 1x 10A fuse. 4x valve caps