The most multifunctional neck pillow in the market❗🙌

Sparco’s latest neck pillow is suitable for every ride, whether you’re making a quick trip or embarking on your latest adventure. Our design is suited for vehicles of all makes and models and people of all heights. Made from quality materials, our neck pillow provides firm yet comfortable support so that you can focus on the road. Multifunctional features include an adaptable smart device holder for backseat passengers and a hook for jackets, purses, and other items.

To learn more about installation and various features, check out the video below. This video shows how easy our neck pillow is to install in any vehicle, no matter the make or model, and how you can seamlessly adjust it for maximum support and comfort. You’ll also get a closer look at its many features, including the smart device holder and hook for personal items.

• Material: 
   Cover: Suede Fabric 
   Filling: Low-Rebound MEMORY FOAM
   Adjuster: Black ABS Plastic
• Pillow Size: 27 x 20 x 18cm(in)