Introducing our SPT171 Air Compressor🏄🚴🚗🚣

We’re pleased to present our latest air compressor, with a new and improved design that makes it easier than ever to travel and inflate on the go. Don’t be fooled by its compact design— our compressor packs a punch! Suitable for all kinds of inflation, including sports balls, car and bike tires, water-based inflatables, and more. Further equipped with LED lights, several different nozzles and adapters, and lengthy hoses and cables, our compressor is adventure-ready and life-tested.

• Voltage: DC 12V
• 1x 21mm metal cylinder
• Max power: 100psi
• Electricity: 10A
• Inflatable air:≥ 27L
• Length of the cable: 3m
• Length of hose: 70 cm
• Digital gauge
• 9-piece LED lights
• Accessories: 3 separate nozzle adaptors, 1 10A fuse, and 4 valve caps for inflating bikes, tires, balls, and more

• Fast inflation: less than 5 minutes to inflate a normal car tire
• Quickly inflates auto, motorcycle, vehicle and bicycle tires
• Convenient and easy to use with a built-in storage space for power cords and air hoses
• Automatic shut-off feature ensures you never over-inflate
• Material: High quality ABS
• Dimensions: 17.5 x 20.5 x 12.8 cm